Amethyst F1


  • Early-late maturity
  • Small flower size
  • Short-mid plant length
  • Unique light lavender colour
  • Flowering under low lighting
  • Top flowering
  • Grows around 70-100cm

Sowing: Seeds are germinated in 10 – 14 days with 288 holes seedling tray
DAT: From germination to transplanting: 40 –  45 days .
Maturity: Transplanting to starting flowering: Approx. 110 days onwards
Life span: Flowers keep around two weeks in a vase in summer. Flower can last longer in a cool season
Sunlight/shade: Shade are used for varieties which are early maturity and tend to start flowering in low position. Shading slows down their flower timing, and make easier to have plant height.

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