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Starting from a tiny space in the main market area of manila that only carried Pechay, Radish, Watermelon and Onion seeds, Haverson Enterprises has since evolved into its present-day organization. Today our product line includes different kinds of Hybrid seeds such as Cabbage, Carrot, Radish, Chinese Cabbage and Flowers.

For Low and High Land farmers, we offer a bunch of Hybrid Tomato F1, Cherry Tomato and Hot Pepper seeds varieties.

As a strong believe in natural and sustainable farming, we also carry a locally produced 100% Organic Seaweed Extract Plant Growth Supplement for the past 20 years.

Aware that the Pilipino cuisine is a mixture of east and west, we have introduced into the market Korean green shoulder Radish, Chinese Choisim, Chinese Broccoli, Broad Leaf Kale to enrich The variety of local food basket.

The latest addition of our product line up is Sumisansui Irrigation System, the Japanese version of efficient and water saving irrigation technology.

We strive to provide farmers with the best seeds in terms of both quality and price by introducing seed varieties from new and upcoming seed production companies.

We look forward to continuously partner and grow with local farmers in this critically important business of providing quality and affordable vegetables for the Pilipino people.

We are member of Philippine Seed Industry Association, Inc (PSIA) and THE ASIA & PACIFIC SEED ASSOCIATION (APSA) for the last 27 years.