The Sumisansui Advantage

Sumisansui Tube Irrigation System

“This 100m roll of R-Wide
can cover 1000m2″

Water coverage of each irrigation


Drip Tube


Product by Usage

Outdoor Use

A superior alternative to the sprinkler systems. Soft, rain-like water droplets provide uniform water distrubition without overlapping. UV resistant and highly portable, simply roll the tube and move on to the next site. Make it rain when you want it.

Sumisansui R Wide

Soft-spray type, open field irrigation use, suitable for a wide range of crops


Soft-spray type, open field irrigation use, suitable for taller plants

Mist Ace S72

Fine-mist spray type, side spray, for irrigating greenhouse or nurseries


Fine-mist spray type, overhead spray, for irrigating greenhouse or nurseries

Indoor Use

Fine-mist spray specially designed for indoor use such as greenhouse or nurseries. Super soft, super gentle, spray. Your baby plants will love it. Mist na mist talaga!

Mulch use

For plants who’d rather stay dry above the roots, our under-plant/mulch series provides all the advantages of the Sumisansui tube irrigation system without getting the leaves wet.


Low, flat (horizontal) spray, suitable for under-mulch use, for tomatoes, strawberries or similar crops


Fine-mist spray type, overhead spray, for irrigating greenhouse or nurseries

For Cooling/

When the sun wants to come out to play longer than you’d like, our cooling/humidfying range can effectivly lower indoor temperature of your greenhouse or animal barn. Want to add humidity? Install your Sumisansui inside your greenhouse and turn on the tap. Sorted!

Liquid Fertilizer Injector

High-quality, Japan-made liquid injector can be used to apply liquid fertilizer while irrigating. Easy to use and maintenance free. As the old saying goes, knock two birds with one stone.


Applies liquid fertilizer while irrigating, works with Sumisansui irrigation system

How to maintain your Sumisansui Irrigation System

Insert a soft, rounded sponge, about 100% larger than the tube diameter into the tube. Remove end stopper and flush the sponge.

Refresh the performance of your system with a sponge!

Even a kitchen sponge can be used.

Care Advice

  • Occasionally remove end stopper to release sludge build up
  • Protect your system by using a water filtration system and observing the max specified pressure limit

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sumisansui?

Essentially, Sumisansui irrigation system is a tube with spray holes on its surface to distribute water evenly across a defined surface area. So, can I just find any regular garden hose and put holes in it myself, you ask? Well… not really. Here’s why:

Firstly, Sumisansui utilizes precision perforations (holes) to achieve its design specifications such as spray type and water volume. In fact, it is these very perforations that make Sumisansui highly efficient in what it does, which is to put water exactly the right amount of water exactly where you want it, and in the way you want it. 


Precision perforation engineered to create steady flow of water which turns to small water droplets (R-Wide)


R-Wide can evenly irrigate up to 10 meters wide, 5 meters on each side

Mist Ace S72

Fine misting ideal for nurseries (Mist Ace S72)

Mist Ace S72

Precision perforation makes a fine…fine-mist (Mist Ace S72)

Secondly, the tubes are made of special blend, high quality polyethylene which are UV resistant. It is designed to be durable and long lasting for outdoors use. Unlike a regular garden hose, or PVC tube, the Sumisansui irrigation tubes are designed to be rolled out in a straight line, but resists twisting and side-to-side movement. They are engineered to be highly portable yet durable. 

Highly portable and durable – this 100-meter roll of R-Wide can cover 1000 square meters

Sumisansui outside in the hot sun

Sumisansui irrigation tubes are UV resistant, made for outdoor use

In fact, the Sumisansui irrigation system is an excellent alternative to sprinkler systems. Imagine two overlapping circles (think Venn diagram) – this is a typical characteristic of a sprinkler system. These overlaps result in inefficiencies because their area will have double the amount of water. And what about the areas outside the circle? The ground will receive any water, and the plants will suffer as a result. The Sumisansui irrigation system eliminates the sprinkler system’s inherent design flaw with its symmetrical, rectangular spray area, ensuring the ground gets evenly irrigated. 


Typical impact sprinkler 


Dry patches and uneven water distribution from the sprinkler system (aerial view of Haights farm)

In summary, while a DIY garden hose with holes might provide great excitement and a sense of achievement for some, the Sumisansui irrigation system is Made in Japan to meet exacting Japanese standards, and is expertly engineered for a variety of irrigation needs.

What is the Sumisansui advantage?

Sumisansui has multiple advantages over traditional irrigation methods such as sprinklers and drip-tube systems. The main advantage is Sumisansui’s uniform irrigation characteristic. Compared to sprinklers, Sumisansui’s even distribution of water across the target area means no double watering from sprinkler overlap and no dry spots from areas outside the reach of sprinklers. And when compared to drip-tube systems where tubes can block up causing dry spots and uneven plant growth, Sumisansui irrigation tubes can be easily cleaned and blockages can be cleared up. Also, Sumisansui evenly distributes water across its entire tube meaning that the water outflow is the same throughout. This directly equates to time and money savings as a result of efficient use of resources and uniform plant growth. 

What is soft-spray and fine-mist spray?

Soft-spray and fine-mist spray basically refers to the size of the water droplets that are emitted from the irrigation tubes. Soft-spray has very small water droplets, similar to a light rainfall whereas fine-mist has even smaller droplets that are mist-like. 

The outdoor range of the Sumisansui irrigation systems use the soft-spray type. The soft-spray gives the right balance between water volume yet still gentle on plants and soil. Unlike heavy torrential rain, soft-spray will make sure the area gets irrigated without flattening plants. Not only is the water droplets gentle on the plants, it eliminates soil splatter and does not harden the soil. More importantly, it does not cause soil erosion which washes the nutrients of the soil away.


Steady flow of water shoots up, small water droplets fall down (R-Wide)

Small droplets lightly splash on the ground (R-Wide)

R-Wide 2

Soft spray eliminates soil splatter, prevents soil from hardening (R-Wide picture shown)

The indoor range of Sumisansui irrigation systems are mostly fine-misting. Fine mist is extremely gentle on plants, especially seedlings and delicate plants. Perfect for irrigating nurseries or greenhouses, the indoor range also has a variety of spray directions such as side-spray and overhead spray.

Mist Ace S72

Tiny, mist-like water droplets (Mist Ace S72)

Mist Ace S72

Mist Ace S72 is a side-spray design, sprays on one side only


Attached to greenhouse structure using hangers


Fine-mist, side spray type for indoor use (Mist Ace S72)

We all know the feeling when atomized water touches our skin, it feels like standing next to a fountain and a gentle breeze blows your way – as if heat is drawn away, providing a cooling effect. Fine-misting essentially achieves this – proving that cooling effect. Moreover, fine misting can also add humidity, a growing requirement required by some crops like mushrooms.

Misted water absorbs heat and evaporates, providing a cooling effect
How do I care for my Sumisansui irrigation system?

The Sumisansui irrigation system is both extremely low maintenance, yet serviceable. When you notice reduced performance from your system, you can remove the tube stopper (the black, reusable, plastic clamp used at the end of the tube to stop water exiting) to release sludge build-up such as silt and small debris.

Tube Stopper

Tube stopper removed to let sludge out


To improve the longevity of your product and to make efficient use or resources, it is important to observe the maximum specified pressure limit of each product. Also, make sure to install the tube filter (provided with the irrigation system) properly, and use a simple water filtration system before the water pump if necessary.

Water pressure gauge

Care for your irrigation system by not exceeding its water pressure limit

Can I clear up blockages on the tube?

Yes. In the event that you notice some blockage on the tube perforations (holes), or even some irregular spray pattern, don’t throw the tube away! The system is designed such that blockages can be cleared up easily within minutes, restoring the full potential of your system.

Simple disconnect the irrigation tube from the water source, insert a soft, rounded sponge (you can cut a sponge to shape) that is approximately double the size of the tube diameter into the tube, reconnect the tube to the water source, remove the tube stopper (the black, reusable, plastic clamp used at the end of the tube to stop the water from exiting), turn on the water and flush the sponge out. Kitchen sponge or any soft sponge can be used to unclog the tube from the inside. 

Refresh the performance of your system with a sponge 


Even a soft kitchen sponge can be used

Can outdoor systems such as R-Wide and Mark II be used indoors?

Yes, they can. In fact, all the Sumisansui irrigation tubes are made of UV resistant, special, high quality polyethylene, giving you the flexibility to use it indoors or outdoors. You can even install them overhead, upside down or both. The main thing is to understand the characteristics of each tube system to determine whether they can be used for your intended application. We use the term ‘outdoors’ because they are specifically designed for open field use, and most of the time, it is where people will use it.

Do I need a water pump to run the system?

If you want to use the full 100-meter R-Wide irrigation tub which can cover an area of 1000 square meters, for example, then yes, a water pump is needed to achieve the maximum spray coverage. However, there may be occasions when a water pump may not be necessary. For example, with a shorter tube length, even without a water pump, the water source may have enough pressure to support the water pressure requirements.

R-Wide can be fully extended to 100 meter per line of tube

Commercial use in large plantation (Mark II picture)

No water pump needed for this setup (Urban Agriculture Program for Caloocan City, R-Wide)

What are the limitations of the Sumisansui irrigation system?

It is important to understand what the Sumisansui irrigation system can and cannot do. Since the Sumisansui irrigation tubes are designed to resist twisting and side-to-side bending, it is less ideal in asymmetrical areas such as a triangular plot. This is because the Sumisansui’s spray width is the same throughout the entire length of the tubes. Although there are solutions for problems such as this one, it isn’t as simple and elegant as laying a single tube in the middle of the plot. Also, since the tubes are designed to be laid on a straight line, it cannot be made to go around bends. Having said that, its application is endless. From commercial farms to the humble home garden, plantations and piggeries, golf courses to soccer pitches, greenhouses to nurseries, we have a solution for most irrigation needs.

Installed above a greenhouse for cooling

Custom installation of fine-mist system for home garden use